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We are supplying Point-of Care Rapid test, small, portable PCR equipment (similar to Gene X-pert) and reagents for STI, TB, HPV type 16,18,& 45, influenzae A & B and many more..

It cost less than K10,000. Contact us at;

Welcome to Niugini Medical Services Welcome to Niugini Med-Lab Services website. Specialist Clinician & Pathologist-owned & operated Private Medical Laboratory in Port Moresby city, Papua New Guinea. Please visit us at Sect 83, Allot 11, Leander Street, Manu AutoPort (directly opposite Manu Cash & Carry Supermarket Shop, few meters from POM Grammar/Vadavada Roundabout, Thank you.

 I visited many hospitals and clinics both in the private and public system because I was losing weight for unknow reason. I saw one doctor to another-they continued to label me as anorexia or psychological and turned me away month after month. Finally, I found this clinic after a friend recommended to me. The nurses were very helpful. The doctor knew what he was doing. Very experienced and confident. He immediately requested for abdominal ultrasound. I was diagnosed with tuberculosis of abdomen. I got treated with TB drugs and after treatment my weight went from just 45kg to almost 80kg after treatment. I am glad I found this clinic, N John. 

N John

 I was constant having sick feeling, sometimes hot and cold for months. I tried everything including malari tablets. I even visited City Pharmacy & local clinics; they couldn't help me. I stumbled across this clinic while shopping. I was having the same sick feeling, so just drop by to check out. Luckily, there was hardly anyone around so I was seen immediately. The doctor said I needed a blood test. I watched as the staff did a quick finger prick test. Apparently, the rapid tests can diagnose different species of malaria. To my amazement, I was surprised to see positive blood test for malaria within 2-3 mins. It was not the ordinary malaria but the uncommon species in PNG, & the one that hides in the liver called P, vivax. This is the first time, I learned that we have two main species of malaria in PNG, the P falciparum and vivax. Vivax is the one apparently hides in the liver and comes out every now and then in our blood and make us sick and have on and off fever. Only blood tests can show us the type of species we are infected with. I was happy that they could diagnose me immediately with this uncommon malaria infection. The doctor told me also that unlike treatment for P falciparum, the common species that is treated in few days of antimalarial tablets, I was to take two weeks of primaquine for vivax infection. Thank you, I am lucky my problem disappeared after 14 days of primaquine. H Dora. 

H. Dora
Business Comsultant

 My girlfriend and I got harassed by this lady with a 2-year-old child every time we walked pass public places. She was accusing me of being the father of the child and we were so embarrassed. I know the child was not mine. This lady had other boyfriends and I thought she was accusing me for nothing. It was very bad as my girlfriend, and I would argue over it every now and then. Luckily, I stumbled across a Facebook ad about Paternity DNA Test. I enquired and within days we negotiated for the child and I to be tested. When the results came back within 7 days, it was confirmed that the child belonged to another person. She never came near us since. Thank you for helping us. Jim Ben 

Jim Ben
Senior Designer