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We are supplying Point-of Care Rapid test, small, portable PCR equipment (similar to Gene X-pert) and reagents for STI, TB, HPV type 16,18,& 45, influenzae A & B and many more..

It cost less than K10,000. Contact us at;

Welcome to Niugini Medical Services Welcome to Niugini Med-Lab Services website. Specialist Clinician & Pathologist-owned & operated Private Medical Laboratory in Port Moresby city, Papua New Guinea. Please visit us at Sect 83, Allot 11, Leander Street, Manu AutoPort (directly opposite Manu Cash & Carry Supermarket Shop, few meters from POM Grammar/Vadavada Roundabout, Thank you.

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Niugini Medical Services have been helping infertile couples for 1 year. We investigate by blood tests, urine check, semen check and ultrasound, identify problems and specific cause of infertility and treat where it is possible.

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HPV stands for Human Papilloma virus which comprises of over 150 closely related virus types indicated by numerical numbers e.g., HPV type 16, 18, and 45 that cause cervix cancer. HPV types range from benign forms such as those causing simple/common skin wart to those causing cancer as type 16 & 18.

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  •  13-05-2020 00:00

Liver Function Test or LFT is a test used to assess health of liver. Routinely LFT is assessed by measuring proteins (total protein, albumin & globulin), transaminase enzymes (AST & ALT), gamma Glutamic acid transferase (GGT), alkaline phosphatases (ALP), conjugated and unconjugated bilirubins, from a single sample of blood.

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