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We are supplying Point-of Care Rapid test, small, portable PCR equipment (similar to Gene X-pert) and reagents for STI, TB, HPV type 16,18,& 45, influenzae A & B and many more..

It cost less than K10,000. Contact us at;

Welcome to Niugini Medical Services Welcome to Niugini Med-Lab Services website. Specialist Clinician & Pathologist-owned & operated Private Medical Laboratory in Port Moresby city, Papua New Guinea. Please visit us at Sect 83, Allot 11, Leander Street, Manu AutoPort (directly opposite Manu Cash & Carry Supermarket Shop, few meters from POM Grammar/Vadavada Roundabout, Thank you.

Melissa LAKO
Nurse Manager

Melissa LAKO, our Nurse Manager, is a highly experienced and dedicated professional. She leads our nursing team by example, demonstrating exceptional clinical skills and a compassionate approach to patient care. Melissa is responsible for ensuring that our private GP clinic or Lab team delivers safe and high-quality healthcare services to our patients. She collaborates with other staff members to develop and implement strategies that promote a positive work environment and foster professional growth and development for our private health clinic staff.

Melissa LAKO is a young and dedicated nurse who possesses a genuine passion for providing compassionate healthcare services. Her commitment to patient care, combined with her exceptional work ethic, makes her an invaluable asset to the private clinic healthcare team.

Melissa LAKO is a highly motivated nurse with a strong academic background and hands-on experience in various healthcare settings. She completed her nursing education with flying colors, earning praise for her clinical skills, critical thinking, and empathetic approach towards patients.

At the heart of Melissa's work profile is her unwavering dedication to patient care. Whether she is working with children, adults, or elderly patients, Melissa always goes the extra mile to ensure their physical and emotional well-being. Her warm and caring nature helps patients feel comfortable and supported during their medical journey.

Melissa is known for her relentless work ethic. She consistently goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her patients and colleagues. Her commitment to her profession is evident in her punctuality, willingness to take on additional responsibilities, and her determination to provide the highest quality of care.

As a young nurse, Melissa understands the importance of effective communication in the private GP clinic healthcare field. She communicates with patients, their families, and her fellow healthcare professionals with clarity and empathy. Her ability to listen actively and provide clear explanations fosters a positive and trusting relationship with everyone involved in patient care.