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Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test

Question 1. What is a Pregnancy test?

You can find out if you are pregnant with tests of your blood . These tests look for a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). HCG is produced by the placenta. It increases in blood as soon as fertilization and implantation occurs. Serum beta– HCG is measured then as confirmation of pregnancy. Beta– HCG level is also used to monitor threatened abortion and ectopic pregnancy and monitor treatment of cancer of Placenta (choriocarcinoma).

 Question 2. How soon can I have Test done? 

Blood Pregnancy Test can be done as soon as you feel that you may be pregnant but more accurate after 1 week of falling pregnant.

 Question 3. What about urine Pregnancy Test?

While urine test is cheap and easily done in home setting, it can only be used to confirm pregnancy. It measures beta hCG appearing in urine.  It is not 100% sensitive and positive test should always be confirmed by blood test. Urine test may be negative in the first 2 weeks of pregnancy.

 You may get a false positive/negative  urine test result if:

¨ You do not follow the instruction carefully (positive or negative)

¨ You use out-dated or poor quality urine test (positive or negative)

¨ You are going through menopause. (positive)

¨ You are taking antidepressant drugs. (positive)

¨ You have had an ovary removed. (positive)

¨ You have kidney problems. (positive)

¨ You have hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland). (positive)

Question 4. How is the test done?

A standard blood sample is taken. No pre test preparation is required.

 Question 5. When should I request blood Pregnancy?

 You or your doctor can request blood Pregnancy Test if

¨ You want to confirm Pregnancy

¨ You have positive urine and you’re not sure if that is correct

¨ You feel that baby may not be growing normally

¨ You has had an abortion or miscarriage (want to be sure not tissue are retained)

¨ You suspect an ectopic Pregnancy (baby developing in tubes )

¨ You have been diagnosed with choriocarcinoma and want to monitor response to treatment and detect recurrence

 Question 6. How is my result reported?

You or your doctor will be notified  via written report  of your result. Laboratories would ensure that no one, not even your partner or relative will know you result without your permission. Results are always kept confidential.

 For pregnancy confirmation it will be reported as positive or negative. For other reasons such as monitoring progression of pregnancy, detection of ectopic or cancer of worm (choriocarcinoma) , b-HCG is measured and reported in quantity or mass unit