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We are supplying Point-of Care Rapid test, small, portable PCR equipment (similar to Gene X-pert) and reagents for STI, TB, HPV type 16,18,& 45, influenzae A & B and many more..

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Welcome to Niugini Medical Services Welcome to Niugini Med-Lab Services website. Specialist Clinician & Pathologist-owned & operated Private Medical Laboratory in Port Moresby city, Papua New Guinea. Please visit us at Sect 83, Allot 11, Leander Street, Manu AutoPort (directly opposite Manu Cash & Carry Supermarket Shop, few meters from POM Grammar/Vadavada Roundabout, Thank you.

Clinic Referral Pathways-Niugini Medical Clinic

1. Patient Evaluation:
- Assess and stabilize patients requiring emergency care or specialist intervention at Niugini Medical Services.

2. Determination of Need:
- Determine the need for further specialized care or admission based on the severity and nature of the patient's condition.

3. Referral Decision:
- If specialized care or admission is deemed necessary:
- For public patients: Refer patients to Port Moresby General Hospital.
- For private insurance holders: Offer the choice between Paradise Hospital and Pacific International Hospital.

4. Communication:
- Establish clear communication channels with the receiving hospitals for effective patient transfer.
- Provide essential patient information, including medical records and preliminary assessments.

5. Port Moresby General Hospital Referral:
- Coordinate with Port Moresby General Hospital for emergency and general medical cases.
- Ensure prompt transfer of patients and provide necessary medical documentation including drugs administered ,test results and emergency procedures done.

6. Paradise Hospital Referral (Private Insurance):
- For patients with private insurance:
- Coordinate with Paradise Hospital for cases requiring specialized care.
- Facilitate smooth transfer and communication with the hospital.

7. Pacific International Hospital Referral (Private Insurance):
- For patients with private insurance:
- Coordinate with Pacific International Hospital for cases requiring specialized care.
- Ensure efficient patient transfer and communication with the hospital.

8. Follow-up and Feedback:
- Maintain open communication with the receiving hospitals for feedback on patient outcomes.
- Ensure that necessary follow-up care and information are provided.

9. Documentation:
- Document all aspects of the referral process, including patient information, assessments, and communications with the receiving hospitals.
- Maintain a comprehensive record for auditing and quality improvement purposes.

10. Continuous Training:
- Provide regular training to staff involved in the referral process to ensure adherence to established protocols and guidelines.

11. Emergency Response Plan:
- Develop and communicate an emergency response plan for unexpected situations during patient transfer.
- Ensure our staff Members are trained to handle emergencies effectively.

12. Review and Improvement:
- Regularly review the referral pathway to identify areas for improvement.
- Implement changes based on feedback, audits, and emerging best practices.

Niugini Medical Services referral pathway aims to ensure that patients receive appropriate and timely care based on their medical needs and insurance status. We strive to always comply with local regulations and maintain strong partnerships with the receiving hospitals.